Convert Volume Percent and Mass Percent

Calculator for the conversion of volume percent (volume fraction) and mass percent (mass fraction) from the densities of the mixed substances. You can choose the substances from the list or enter the densities directly. Then, enter a percentage value, or two mass values, or two volume values and click Calculate. The masses are given in grams, the volumes in milliliters, the density in grams per liter. The less dense substance has a higher volume percent and a lower mass percent. For the denser substance, it is of course the other way around.

Substance 1: Substance 2:
Density 1: Density 2:
Mass 1: Mass 2:
Volume 1: Volume 2:
% mass 1: % mass 2:
% vol. 1: % vol. 2:
Total mass: grams
Total volume: milliliters


Example: a bottle with 700 ml of a drink with 20% vol. alcohol contains about 16.5 mass percent alcohol, or 110 grams, assuming that the rest has about the density of water. In this case, enter 700 at 'Total volume' and 20 at '% vol. 1'.
If the water in the mixture contains a significant amount of sugar, as is the case with liqueur, then its density increases slightly. For example, a ten percent sugar solution has a density of 1038 grams per liter.

Oil and syrup are not clearly defined. The density of 920 grams per liter refers to olive oil, although there are also fluctuations there. Other oils have different densities. Syrup contains a maximum of 66 percent sugar, then it has a density of 1320 grams per liter. The citric acid sometimes used in drinks and other foods has a density of 1665 grams per liter. The exact values ​​for each mixture or substance can be found in tables. The calculated values ​​are only valid if the mixed substances do not react chemically with each other, otherwise new substances with different densities are created.