Calculate proportionally heating costs

Calculation of the share of the heating costs or additional costs of a tenant from the share of the total costs. A cost sheet often lists costs and shares for the entire residential complex and for the own apartment. The correctness of this can be checked here. Heating, hot water and waste water are often the largest items in the additional costs, but there can be many other items. Each item can be calculated individually here.

Total costs: €/$
Own costs: €/$
Total share:
Own share:

Own contribution in percent: %
Cost per share: €/$

Please enter three of the four values for total and own costs and share. The fourth value as well as the own share in percent and the cost per share are calculated.

Example: with six apartments of the same size in a building, the total share is 6, the own share is 1. With total costs of €/$1200, your own costs are €/$200.


Calculate Price and kWh

The heating energy is usually specified in kilowatt hours, kWh. If you know two values of price per kilowatt hour, consumed kilowatt hours and total price, then the third value can be calculated. For the price per kWh, the amount is given in cents, for the total price in euros or dollars.

Price per kWh: cents
Amount of kWh:
Total price: €/$

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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