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Calculator for filling a tank or basin with one or more hoses at a specific flow rate. Of course, instead of hoses, the water or another liquid can come from somewhere else. Please enter at least one flow rate as well as the container size or the filling time. If the container size is specified, the filling time is calculated and vice versa. Units can be selected as required, the default units are liters for size and liters per minute for flow rate.

Container size:
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Filling time:hours minutes seconds

Example: a swimming pool that can hold 100 cubic meters of water is filled from three hoses. 150 liters per minute flow through one hose, 8 deciliters per second through the second and 50 hectoliters per hour through the third. It then almost takes 6 hours for the basin to be full.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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