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Production Calculator - Amount and Time

Calculates the number of produced pieces in a time span from one or more regular production units. Please enter for up to ten productions units, how many pieces are produced in which time. Then, enter in the bottom line Σ either a number or a time. If nothing is entered, then Σ is set to one. It will be calculated, how many pieces are produced in the given time altogether or how long it takes to produce a given amount. Five production units are preset; production units that are not completely filled in are of course not counted.

Production units:

No.AmountTime h:min:s

A simple example for illustration: if one piece is produced in one minute and you have two machines that can do that, then they need one minute for two pieces (and not two minutes, as one often means when answering automatically without thinking). For four pieces they then need two minutes, for twenty pieces ten minutes and so on. The input is then in line 1 amount 1 and time 1 min and exactly the same in line 2 and the amount in line Σ is 2, 4 or 20 or a corresponding half-as high value for minutes.

A slightly more complex example: at one production unit, 5 pieces are made in one minute. At another unit, 7 pieces are made in 2 minutes. To make 10 pieces, both units together take one minute 10.59 seconds. In one minute, both units produce 8.5 pieces.

Σ is the capital Greek letter sigma. This is used in mathematics for sums, i.e. first position plus second position and so on. Of course, the term sum refers only to the number, not to the time, because this decreases with each additional unit of production.

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