Calculate the Percentage of the Passed and Remaining Time

Calculator for the ratio in percent of the passed time and remaining time from a certain time span with start and end date. Please enter beginning and end of the time span. The current date can also be changed. It will be calculated, how many percents of the time are already passed and how many percent are still remaining. It can be calculated with date or time only or with both.

Start date
Current date
End date

% of the time have already passed.

% of the time are remaining.


• If you have to work from 9:00 (start date) to 17:00 (end date) and it is 12:00 now, 37.5 % of the time lie behind, 62,5 % are still ahead.

• This calculator was made on 04/29/2017. At this date, 73.27 % of the according decade (01/01/2010 to 12/31/2019) had passed.

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