Draw Chart Diagrams

A simple drawing program for diagrams with up to 10 values. Pie chart, bar chart and stacked bar chart can be drawn. Enter the names and sizes of your values, names without special characters. The colors can be changed at will, please enter hexadecimal codes here. These you can e.g. obtain from our Color Calculator.
The percentual values and the total sum will be calculated and the according chart will be drawn in an image. This can be downloaded and used further. Example values fills some fields and draws a pie chart.



• At a pie chart or circle chart, the single values will be displayed as circular sectors, each piece refers to one value. The circle is always filled, if you want one piece missing, you can set its color to white (ffffff).
Another name for a pie chart is circle chart. The individual parts are circle sectors whose respective angle is 360 degrees times the proportion, i.e. at 20 percent 360 degrees times 0.2, that is 72 degrees.

• A bar chart displays the values as horizontal rectangles, their length refers to the according value. The bar chart shows the size differences and the range of the values very well and which is the smallest and the largest value. The downward arrangement was made because there is usually more space vertically than horizontally.

• At a stacked bar chart the values are in one rectangle on top of each other, here the height refers to the according value. It has always the same size, so it says nothing about the total of values, but the proportions can be better recognized.

It is often not possible to say in general which of the three types of diagrams is ultimately better suited to displaying the data, here you can decide by feel.

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