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Calculator for the CO2 Emissions of an Airplane

The carbon dioxide emissions when flying a certain route can be calculated here. The value of 380 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer flown and per person is an average value for scheduled flights with economy class. The CO2 emissions per route when flying are significantly higher than with other modes of transport.

Average emissions: g/km
Flight distance: km
Total emissions: kg

Please enter two values, the third value will be calculated. The indication of the total emission of carbon dioxide for the flight route is in kilograms.

Example: the one-way route from Frankfurt am Main to Mallorca is about 1250 kilometers. For the return flight, 2500 kilometers, the CO2 emissions are about 950 kilograms or almost one ton.

The CO2 emissions generated when flying can be offset with money, for example through the non-profit organization atmosfair.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units.

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