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Calculates the calorie consumption for a certain amount of steps or distance, when walking, hiking or running on a flat plane. It is estimated that a 75 kilograms heavy adult with a step length of 60 cm consumes 3 kcal at walking, 4.5 at hiking and 6 at running 100 steps. These are 3, 4.5 or 6 kcal for 60 meters.

Weight: kg
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Please enter your weight and either number of steps and step length or the length of the distance. Calorie consumption will be calculated. Here you can convert weight and length units. Here you can calculate your calorie consumption per time for different activities.

Example: if you weigh 82 kilograms and cover a distance of 5 kilometers, you burn a good 270 kilocalories when you go for a walk. If you go at a hiking pace, it's 410, and with jogging, it's almost 550, which is about twice as much as if you walk.

One factor in calorie consumption is your running style or running economy, because some types of locomotion are more economical in calories than others. You run more efficiently, i.e. with fewer calories burned, if you lift your feet less. Then you're also slower. For training purposes, a faster pace with higher strides is recommended. The running style is taken into account in the type of locomotion (walking, hiking, running).
The amount of calories burned is of course only an estimate. An exact calculation is not possible, and there are other factors that are not taken into account here for the sake of simplicity. Temperature plays a role, for example, when it's cold, the body needs more energy at rest, and this is not based on the distance but on the time. When running slowly in cold weather, this factor can play a role and noticeably increase calorie consumption.

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