Calorie Consumption for Walking, Hiking or Running - Calculator

Calculates the calorie consumption for a certain amount of steps or distance, when walking, hiking or running on a flat plane. It is estimated that a 75 kilograms heavy adult with a step length of 60 cm consumes 3 kcal at walking, 4.5 at hiking and 6 at running 100 steps. These are 3, 4.5 or 6 kcal for 60 meters.

Weight: kg
Number of steps:
Step length: cm
Calorie consumption: kcal

Please enter your weight and either number of steps and step length or the length of the distance. Calorie consumption will be calculated. Here you can convert weight and length units. Here you can calculate your calorie consumption per time for different activities.

Calculator for Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Driving.

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