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Reservoir Power Station Energy Calculator

Calculates the energy of a reservoir power station from height and volume. A reservoir power station produces energy from water flowing down from a reservoir above. If the water also can be pumped up, it is a pumped storage power station.
The formula for the energy calculation is E = η * ρ * g * h * V, almost the same as for hydropower. At a reservoir power station, the calculation is done with volume, not with volumetric flow, so the energy produced by an amount of water is calculated, not the power.
Please enter height and volume to calculate the hereby produced energy.

Efficiency factor η:%
Water density ρ:kg/m³
Gravitational acceleration g:m/s²
Potential energy height h:m
Volume V:
Energy E:

Example: a modern reservoir power station with an efficiency factor of 85% has a potential energy height of 100 meters. If 10000 cubic meters of water flow down, about 2.3 megawatt-hours of electricity are produced.


Reservoir Power Station
A reservoir power station of the company Bosch in Blaichach, Bavaria (Germany).

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