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Arrival Time Calculator

Calculate an estimation of the travel time. Calculation of arrival time and duration of a ride, or another type of locomotion, from start time, distance and average speed. Please enter the first three values, arrival time and duration will be calculated. The distance can be kilometers or miles, the speed, depending on the unit of length, kilometers or miles per hour. The speed indication is a rough estimation, which of course is very inaccurate and depends on the type of route, the means of transport (car, truck, camper, bicycle, plane, ...), the traffic conditions and from personal factors like the driving style. Entering Pauses is optional.
Current start time uses the current time as start time. The arrival time can be at the next day or even further in the future, this is shown as +x day(s). The calculated values are rounded to the minute.

Start time: : o'clock
Distance: km or mi
Speed: km/h or mph
Pauses: h min
Arrival time: : o'clock
Duration: h min

Example: when starting at 18:30, the distance is 600 kilometers, driving with 90 km/h on average and pausing for 50 minutes altogether, the arrival is after 7 hours and 30 minutes at two o'clock in the morning the next day.

The start time determines when you begin your journey or plan to do so. Distance is the total distance from start to finish. The speed is the average for the entire route, this value is the most difficult to determine. If you are traveling long-distance by car, you can enter around 80 kilometers per hour here. Breaks of at least 10 minutes every two to three hours are recommended. After 10 hours at the latest you need a longer break or even an overnight stay. You should plan enough time for the journey, because under stress it is much less relaxed and unsafe to travel. Arrival time and duration are for estimation, not exact timing.

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