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Convert Binary and Decimal Prefixes

Calculator for decimal prefixes like kilo, mega, giga and binary prefixes like kibi, mebi, gibi. A prefix is set in front of a unit to make a larger unit, e.g. the prefix kilo in kilograms for 1000 grams. Bytes, which consist of the binary bits, sometimes instead with of multiples of 1000 (or 103), are calculated with multiples of 1024 (or 210). Of course, this gives different values. The correct denomination for these binary prefixes and their symbols can be found in the table below, where also the values can be converted. Just enter one value, the other values will be calculated.

without prefix:
decimal prefixbinary prefix
kilo k kibi Ki
mega M mebi Mi
giga G gibi Gi
tera T tebi Ti
peta P pebi Pi
exa E exbi Ei
zetta Z zebi Zi
yotta Y yobi Yi


Example: 1 gibibyte is about 1,0737 gigabytes.

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