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Temperature Calculator: Weather and Climate

Calculates how much a weather change affects a climate change. Climate is the average weather over a long period of time. Commonly 30 years are used here. The weather is subject to strong fluctuations. So, if it is for once too hot or too cold, too wet or to dry, this tells almost nothing about the climate. How much the climate fluctuates and how strong climate change is, has to be recorded over a large time span.
Here can be calculated, how strong a temperature change in weather is impacting the climate. Enter, how many degrees and how long it was too hot (+) or too cold (-). It will be calculated how strong this change affects the climate.


Example: in early May 2019, it was unusually cold in Germany with snow in some places. Estimating it was 10 degreed centigrade too cold for the duration of 5 days, then the change in climate is a cooling of about 0.00456 degrees. This is slightly less than two hundredths of a degree.

"It's cold right now, so there's no climate change" is an argument that is repeatedly put forward in one way or another, especially from dubious and anti-educational sources. Arguing against such a thing is laborious, because it is much easier to spread misinformation than to refute it. Telling something is quick, checking it takes much longer. This calculator is intended to also provide a small remedy here.
Another often heard, fundamentally wrong argument is that global warming is a good thing. Understanding the wet-bulb temperature, which describes the temperatures we can live up to, can help to put this into perspective.
Then there is the remark that in primeval times it was warmer than today for long periods of time. This is correct, but back then climate change took a few million years, so life could adjust to, not a few decades like it does today. Very short-term climate changes have resulted in mass extinctions.

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