Angle: Convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

Angles are usually measured in degrees. There are two common forms: degrees (°), arc minutes (′) and arc seconds (″), as well as decimal degrees. One degree has 60 arc minutes, one arc minute has 60 arc seconds. An angle can be given like 32° 27′ 40″, or in decimal degrees like 32.4611. Here, both forms can be converted into each other, with ← decimal degrees into degrees, minutes, seconds and with → the other way. Degrees, arc minutes, arc seconds must not be negative, negative decimal degrees will be converted.

degrees, arc minutes, arc seconds ← = → decimal degrees

° = °

Convert Degrees in Radian in Multiples of π

Convert 180° = 3.141592653589793 = π. Please enter one value (degrees as decimal degrees), the other two will be calculated.

degrees, radian, multiples of pi:
° = = π

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