Calculate Power of an Infrared Heating

Calculation of the required power of an infrared heating in watts from the room size and height. The preset value of 20 watts per cubic meter applies to well-insulated rooms when the infrared heating is used as the only heat source. As auxiliary heating, it can be weaker (about half as much), with poor insulation more watts are required.

Living area:
Ceiling height: m
Living space:
Power per cubic meter: W/m³
Heating power: watts

Please enter the living area in square meters and the average ceiling height in meters, or the living space in cubic meters. The required performance of the infrared heating to heat the room is calculated.


Electricity Costs of an Infrared Heater

Infrared heating is an economical and effective way of heating with electricity, it can be cheaper than other means of heating. This should be calculated by experts. An electricity meter can easily be connected upstream of an infrared heater, which precisely determines its consumption.

Costs by duration
Heating power: watts
Heating duration: d h m
Electricity price: cents/kWh
Used electricity: kWh
Electricity costs: €/$

Please enter output and heating duration in days (d), hours (h) and minutes (m).

This calculator can be used to estimate the annual consumption and costs of a heating system:

Annual costs
Heating power: watts
Heating duration per day: hours
Heating season : months
Electricity price: cents/kWh
Used electricity: kWh
Annual costs: €/$

Please enter the power of the infrared heater, the average daily running time and the length of the heating period. Change the electricity price to your own value. It is calculated how many kilowatt hours of electricity per year are consumed by the heating and what this costs.

Infrared heater from a photo
An infrared heater (500 watts) as a picture, mounted on the wall.

Infrared heater in bathroom
An further infrared heater (450 watts) in the bathroom. This is not mounted, but stands loosely on a brick to protect the wood of the bathroom cabinet.

Photos: view from Alpspitz, fishing boats at Grüntensee

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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