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Calculate Age in Years and Days

Calculator for the age, how old in years and days somebody is today or at a certain date. As a reference date, the date today is preset, this can be changed.

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The result in years is not totally exact, because a year can have 365 or 366 days. The age, which is the time span between one date and another, is calculated as x years, independent of the number of days of a year. If there is a leap day between the current year and the year before, one day more is counted. Example: From May 1. 2013 to March 1. 2017, there were 3 years and 304 days. Whereas from May 1. 2012 to March 1. 2016, there were 3 years and 305 days. However, both time spans had the same length with 1400 days.

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