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Calculate Age in Years and Days

Calculator for the age, how old in years and days somebody is today or at a certain date. As a reference date, the date today is preset, this can be changed as desired. Of course, the date of birth must be before the current date or the reference date.

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The age is years and days.
Those are days.
Those are hours.
Those are minutes.
Those are seconds.

Example: from January 1, 2000 to May 30, 2024, 24 years and 150 days have passed, which corresponds to 213,984 hours or 770,342,400 seconds.

The result in years is not totally exact, because a year can have 365 or 366 days. The age, which is the time span between one date and another, is calculated as x years, independent of the number of days of a year. If there is a leap day between the current year and the year before, one day more is counted. Example: From May 1. 2013 to March 1. 2017, there were 3 years and 304 days. Whereas from May 1. 2012 to March 1. 2016, there were 3 years and 305 days. However, both time spans had the same length with 1400 days.

The age is displayed in five different ways. The most common way is in the first line, in years and days. This is the easiest to understand, but has the inaccuracy mentioned above due to the leap years in between. The other four values ​​in days, or hours, or minutes, or seconds are exact, you can calculate with them, but they are difficult to imagine. All five different values ​​are valid for different purposes, but you can safely choose the value you need and ignore the other four.
Of course, this calculator can be used not only for birthdays or the age of people and animals, but for any period of time in the range to be calculated, the start of which is known and where the time of day is negligible.

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