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Calculate and Draw the Intersection of two Straight Lines

Calculator for the intersection point of two straight lines and the angle between them from the linear equations. The two linear equations are y1 = mx1 + b and y2 = nx2 + c. m and n are the gradients, b and c are the up or down shifts. If both lines have the same gradient, so if m=n, then they are parallel and no intersection and angle exist.

1. line y1 = x1 +

2. line y2 = x2 +

Angle between α = °

Intersection point: x = , y =

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter for both linear equations m and b as well as n and c. The angle and the intersection point will be calculated and both lines will be drawn.

α = | atan(m) − atan(n) |
x = (c−b) / (m−n)
y = m*x + b

Example: the lines x+2 and 3x+4 intersect in the point (-1;1) in an angle of 26.565°

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