Calculate the Temperature of an Underfloor Heating

Calculator for the temperature of the surface of the heated floor and of the air when using an underfloor heating. The air above the underfloor heating is heated up to a certain value depending on the heating's temperature. This warming can be calculated here. The temperature difference between the ground and the air depends only on the basic value. To calculate one temperature, please enter the other in degrees Celsius. For the basic value, see the heating power.

Basic value: W/m²
Floor temperature: °C
Room air temperature: °C
Temperature difference: °C

Formula: Room air temperature = floor temperature - (basic value/8.92)1/1.1

With a basic value of 100 W/m², the difference between the floor temperature and the room air temperature is 9°C.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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