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Highest Solar Altitude

Calculator for the highest possible altitude of the sun at any latitude. The longitude is irrelevant for this calculation. The highest position of the sun is always reached at summer solstice around noon, on the northern hemisphere this is at June 21. Please enter one of both angles in decimal degrees, the other angle will be calculated.

Latitude at position: °
Highest solar altitude: °

The highest solar altitude is calculated as 113.44° minus the latitude. 113.44° is 90° plus the ecliptic angle of 23.44°. The lowest solar altitude is each day at dusk and dawn at 0°. The lowest maximum altitude of the sun would be at noon at winter solstice at 66.56° minus latitude, this value calculates as 90° minus the ecliptic angle of 23.44°. Places north of 66.56° (and south of -66.56°) have days without sun.

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German: Umrechnung von Geo-Koordinaten, Durchschnitt, Stapelverarbeitung, Himmelsrichtungen, Höchster Sonnenstand, Position

Italian: Calcolo con geo-coordinate