Calculate Area and Volume with and without Margin

Calculator for the size of two- and three-dimensional rectangular objects with margin. Those objects are rectangle and cuboid. The margin has the same thickness on each side. Please enter the margin thickness and two lengths for a rectangle or three length for a cuboid, each including the margin. The margin must be smaller than half the smallest length. The complete area or volume, that of the inside without margin and that of the margin will be calculated. If the length units are e.g. meters, then the area unit is square meters and the volume unit is cubic meters.

Length with margin:
Width with margin:
Height with margin:
Margin thickness:

Rectangle with margin

Example: a rectangle with length 9.7 cm, width 4.8 cm and margin 0.5 cm has an area of 46.56 cm², an inside of 33.06 cm² and a margin of 13.5 cm².

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