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Calculator for the Earth's Curvature

Uses the Earth's radius to calculate the length of a line on Earth, the direct distance through the Earth, and the curvature of the Earth through the height of the center of the track above the direct line. For the formulas used for the calculation, see circular segment. The average value of 6371 kilometers is preset as the earth's radius. Please enter another value to calculate the other values.

Earth's Curvature
Earth radius (r): km
Distance on Earth (l): km
Direct line (s): km
Curvature height (h): km
Angle (Θ): °

Example: for a distance on earth of 100 kilometers, the direct distance is only slightly less. If you'd dig straight through the earth, you would save about one meter of distance and would be at the deepest point about 196 meters below the surface.

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