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Calculator for the Removal of CO2 from Trees

The carbon dioxide consumption and the oxygen production of trees in a certain time span can be calculated here. Trees and other plants consume carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce oxygen (O2). They give us the air to breathe and makes life on earth possible. One tree removes around 30 grams (0.03 kg) of carbon dioxide per day, with very large fluctuations depending on the tree species and location.

Consumption per tree: kg
Number of trees:
Removed CO2: kg
Time: d h m

Produced O2: kg

Please enter three values of consumption per tree, number, reduced CO2 and time, the fourth value and the oxygen produced will be calculated. At of time, d is for days, h for hours and m for minutes, it is sufficient to fill in one value here.

Example: to remove one ton (1000 kg) of carbon dioxide, 100 trees need 333 days and 8 hours.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units.

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