Race Time Calculator

Run time calculator. Compute time, distance or speed in different units, for sports results or such. First select with , if you want to calculate time, distance or speed. Give values for the other two and the units for distance and speed. The time can ge given like "1 minute 10 seconds" or like "70 seconds", the output is like "1 minute 10 seconds". Decimal numbers are allowed in each field.


Time: days, hours, minutes, seconds

Time per kilometer: minutes, seconds

Time per mile: minutes, seconds

This calculator is an implementation of the well-known formula speed equals distance divided by time, v=s/t. Of course, speed does not only exist when running, but in all possible types of locomotion, which can also be calculated here.
Locomotion almost never takes place at a constant speed. Runners, cyclists, swimmers and the like sometimes move faster, sometimes slower. Therefore, the speed calculated or entered here is an average value.

The distance can be entered in meters, kilometers or the Anglo-American units feet or miles.
The time is calculated in seconds, minutes, hours and even days if the corresponding locomotion takes that long. In this case, breaks or even sleep in between are assumed, so the average speed does not refer to the net time of the movement, but to the entire time. The average speed will therefore be much lower for very long time specifications.
The units available for speed are kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second (m/s), miles per hour (mph) and the rather unusual unit feet per second.
The time per kilometer or mile is the inverse of the speed; the higher this value, the lower the speed. This information is used for some sports and other purposes. This is also called pace.

Calculator for Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Driving.

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