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Calculate with Geo Coordinates

Calculators for the conversion of geo coordinates, as delivered by a GPS tool, for the distance of two point and for bearing. Three useful tools, e.g. for geocaching. Geo coordinates describe the exact position of a point on earth in terms of latitude and longitude.

Conversion of Geo Coordinates

The common formats for geo coordinates are (degrees°, minutes′, seconds″), (decimal degrees) and (degrees, decimal minutes). The order is latitude (N), longitude (E). Different GPS tools deliver different formats, which can be converted here. Please insert a complete and correct expression (including degrees) in one field and click Calculate.

Degrees, Minutes, SecondsDecimal DegreesDegrees, Decimal Minutes
e.g. N52° 31′ 14.941″ E13° 24′ 34.020″e.g. 52.520817 13.40945e.g. N52° 31.249 E13° 24.567


Distance between two points

Please insert both points in decimal degrees. The calculation is an estimation, which gives quite good results up to a few hundred kilometers. It can not be exact, because the earth isn't a perfect sphere. North-south distance ignores the longitude, the east-west distance is calculated in the middle of the two latitudes. ↵ transfers the decimal degrees from above.

Point 1: Point 2:

Distance between the two points: meters = km

North-south distance: meters = km

East-west distance: meters = km

Bearing angle point 1 to point 2: °

Use this site to convert the distance into other units.



Bearig means to measure from a starting point with a certain angle and a certain distance and so to get to a destination point. The angle starts in the north with 0° and from there runs around clockwise. Please insert starting point and angle in decimal degrees. ↵ transfers the decimal degrees from the top calculator, ↑ transfers the destination point to the top calculator, ↖ transfers the destination point to the starting point.
The calculation is made with the earth radius at the given latitude. The bearing provides good values for distances up to a few hundred meters or a few kilometers.

Starting point:
Bearing: °  
Distance: m

Destination point:

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the calculations and information.

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