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Pump: Calculate Delivery Height

Calculator for the delivery height of a pump. This calculation is for advanced and experts, who have knowledge in structure and use of a pump and know the words and measures.

Pressure outlet p2:Pa
Pressure inlet p1:Pa
Velocity outlet v2:m/s
Velocity inlet v1:m/s
Density medium ρ:kg/m³
Acceleration of gravity:m/s²
Height outlet z2:m
Height inlet z1:m
Delivery height H:m

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter every value except for one. This one will be calculated. The heights at outlet and inlet can remain blank, then they will be calculated as 0.

Formula: H = (p2−p1) / (ρg) + (v2²−v1²) / (2g) + z2 − z1

The pressure is given in pascal, here you can convert pressure units.

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