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Calculate Duration for Charging with the Sun

Calculator for a power bank or a battery that can be charged solar. The charging values specified for the device are ideal values that can almost be achieved in vertical, direct sunlight. Under other conditions, charging takes longer.
For solar charging, please enter the the current in amperes and volts or the power in watts. Enter charge in ampere-hours and voltage or the energy in watt-hours for the power bank or battery. The charging power describes how much is actually charged in comparison to the possible power. It is preset at 90 percent and can be corrected downwards if the charging conditions are not ideal, e.g. to 50 percent when the sun is at an angle and to 10 percent for normal cloudiness during the day. These are rough estimates based on experience. The charging time is calculated in hours.

Charging power:%
Solar charging
Values power bank or battery
Charging time:h

Example: a power bank has a capacity of 20000 mAh (20 Ah) and a current of 5 volts. So it has 100 Wh of energy. It only has a small photovoltaic panel and can be charged with a maximum of 5 V and 330 mA, i.e. with an power of 1.65 watts. To fully charge it when it is completely empty, it takes 121.2 hours at an average charging rate of 50 percent. A power bank with multiple solar panels and 12 watts of power, on the other hand, takes 16.7 hours if the other values are the same.

The sun supplies the earth with a multiple of the energy that all of humanity needs in total. Using this energy is obviously a good idea and can now also be done easily and cheaply. Solar charging of a battery is just one method that is expected to gain in importance in the future, both on a small and large scale.

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