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Rechargeable Battery Charge Calculator

Calculate speed and time when loading a rechargeable battery (accu). Here you can estimate, how long a battery or powerbank with a certain charge loads or unloads. The charge should be indicated on the accu, commonly in mAh, milliampere hour. This value is often erroneously called capacity. The electric current depends on the power source, for USB this are 1.5 to 5 ampere. On the charger, the current should be indicated.

Time t:
Charge Q:
Electric current I:

Please choose the desired units. Enter two values of time current and charge, the third value will be calculated.

Formula: t = Q / I

Example: a rechargeable battery with 3200 mAh at a current of 2 ampere takes 96 minutes to load completely.

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German: Akkuladung berechnen | Einheiten der elektrischen Ladung umrechnen