Everyday Physics - Calculators

Physics is the science of natural phenomena. Some of these, encountered at every turn, are easy to measure and calculate. This page provides tools for specific cases: Everyday Physics | Stone in Well | Lightning and Thunder | Echo | Light | Distance per Time | Distance at Speed | Work | Slide | Rotation | Pendulum | Radiation Dose | Acceleration | Gravity | Kilograms - Newtons | Kilograms - Liters | Add Forces | Intercept Theorem | Energy | Ohm's Law | Friction | Frequency | Conservation of Momentum | Pirouette Effect | Air Pressure - Altitude | Extrapolate Distance, Time | Measurement Error


Very often time has to be measured. Here is a simple stopwatch which is accurate to tenths of a second. A more precise specification is not useful when measuring by hand.

Stopwatch script by http://knowpapa.com/js-stopwatch/.

Helpful calculators on the subject on other sites : Calculate the Distance between Objects, Calculate with the Thumb Method, Shadow Casting Size and Weight of Materials.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.