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Calculator for the CO2 Price

Calculates the price of carbon dioxide when burning a specific amount of gasoline, diesel, heating oil, coal or gas. CO2 is carbon dioxide, the most important but not the only greenhouse gas. The CO2 price is set politically and by the market to reduce its emissions. A fair price to cover the cost of one metric ton of CO2 would be around €180. In January 2021, the price in the EU was around €30 per ton, one year later it was about €85.

CO2 price: €/t  
Amount of CO2: tons
Total price for CO2:

Please enter a price per ton of CO2 and select a fuel and its quantity. The amount of CO2 generated and the price for that amount are calculated.

Example: 2000 liters (20 hectoliters) of heating oil produce 6 tons of carbon dioxide. At a price of €105 per ton, the total price for the CO2 is €630.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units.

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