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E-Bike Battery Calculator

Calculate volts, ampere hours and watt hours at a battery of an e-bike. An e-bike, electric bicycle or pedelec is a bicycle with an electric auxiliary motor, which gets its energy from a rechargeable battery. Important numbers for such a battery are the voltage in volts (V), the electric charge in ampere hours (Ah) and the electric energy in watt hours (Wh). Often only voltage and charge are indicated. The most important value is the electric energy, which is the energy the battery can provide for the engine. Simplified, it is how much the battery can do. The energy is calculated as voltage times charge.
Please enter two values, the third value will be calculated. Further units to choose are kV=kilovolts, mAh=milliampere hours, kJ=kilojoules, kWh=kilowatt hours.


Example: a battery with a voltage of 36 volts and a charge of 12 ampere hours has a theoretical available energy of 432 watt hours.

You can use the calculator on this page to calculate the energy of the battery of an e-bike or any other battery. Another calculator here is used to estimate the range based on energy and consumption. The possible height that can be achieved when driving uphill with a certain amount of energy can be calculated. Last but not least, there is a charging time calculator available that shows how long you have to wait to charge the battery to a certain percentage using the charger.

An e-bike is not intended for you to sit on and let ride, you should pedal yourself. It only serves to provide support, especially when driving uphill and to be faster. If the battery is empty, you can continue riding it like a normal bike, although it is a little heavier.

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