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Musical Tuning Calculation

Calculates the height of notes of an instrument that is tuned with a defined musical tuning. The normal tuning is 440 hertz for the standard pitch A4. Often, the tuning is 442 hertz, in former times, 435 and 415 were used or sometimes values notably higher than 440 hertz. Enter a tuning frequency and choose a note from the list or enter a norm frequency. The norm frequency is the height of a note respective to the 440 Hz of A4. The frequency for the chosen tuning will be calculated.

Norm frequency of the note:hertz
Frequency of the note:hertz

The formula for the calculation is: frequency = norm frequency * tuning / 440 Hz

Example: C6 has a norm frequency of 1046.5 hertz. At a tuning of 420 hertz, this has a frequency of 998.93 Hertz.

Pure tones can be played with the Note Calculator.

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