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Calculator for the power production and the yield of a photovoltaic system from the total runtime or any time span. Enter start and end date of the runtime, to calculate its length in days and in years. From the power production and the price per kilowatt hour, the total revenue during this time and the average yield and revenue per day and year are calculated. For good average values, the time should ideally span whole years or half years with an equal amount of summer and winter.

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Run time: years
Revenue: € or $

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Yield per year: kWh
Revenue per day: € or $
Revenue per year: € or $

Example: the photovoltaic system 1 owned by the creator of this website is running since 09/24/2010. The guaranteed price per kilowatt hour from that time was 29 cents per kilowatt hour. At the time of the development of this calculator, 04/09/2018, it had produced 41239 kWh of electricity. So the system was running since 2756 days or a bit more than seven and a half years and since then earned almost 12000 €. So each day on average 15 kWh and each year 5465 kWh of electricity were produced, the average daily earnings were 4.34 €. The average earnings per year were 1584.92 €.
Here has to be considered that these average values are a bit to low. This is because the time span missing to the full year from April to September is more profitable as the time from September to April.

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