Multi-Day Tour: Calculate Length, Duration and Speed

A calculator for the length, duration and average speed of multi-day tours, for walking and biking. This calculator assumes an even terrain, so that a constant speed can be kept. A normal hiking speed is 4 km/h. At mountain hikes, the speed varies significantly and is lower. How many hours per day you want to walk depends on how much sleep you need, maybe time to find an accommodation, for eating and pauses and often you may want to visit something. 8 hours of pure movement time are very much.

Hours per day:
Days on the road:
Total distance:
Distance per day:

Please enter three values, the fourth value and the distance per day will be calculated. You can change the units as you like. The calculator doesn't check if the values are plausible. So if you want to calculate with 30 hours per day, you can do that.

Example: when you want to make a pilgrimage for 1000 kilometers on the Way of St. James, have an average speed of 4 km/h and are on the road for 6 hours a day, you will need 41 ⅔ days or 41 days and 4 hours. If you want to make a break for a day on four locations, just add 4, so it will be 45 days, 4 hours.

Multi-day tours are strenuous. If you are thinking about doing one, you should be sufficiently fit and have trained beforehand on shorter tours. If you have severe muscle soreness or are very exhausted the day after a day tour, then a multi-day tour may not be a particularly good idea. You should also not allow other people to put you under pressure or feel forced to do anything. On a tour lasting several days, there should always be the possibility of being able to cancel in an emergency, because something unforeseen can always happen.

Calculator for Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Driving.

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