Dew Point Calculator

Calculates the dew point from the current temperature and the relative humidity for temperatures between -65 °C and +60 °C. The dew point is the value to which the temperature must fall for dew to form. This is useful for everyone who deals with climate technology, but also for tenants and apartment owners who want to prevent mold, because dew offers good conditions for mold growth. The calculated result is an approximation.

Temperature: °C
Humidity: %

Dew point: °C

The formula for the calculation is:
Temperature above 0 ° C: k2=17.62, k3=243.12
Temperature 0 ° C or below: k2=22.46, k3=272.62
Temperature t, humidity h
Dew point = k3*((k2*t)/(k3+t)+ln(h/100))/((k2*k3)/(k3+t)-ln(h/100))

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