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E-Bike Uphill Calculator

Calculates the height, which can be mastered with an e-bike with the support of an electic motor. An electric motor has to perform uphill much more than on a plain. Here can be calculated, which height difference can be made with motor support at which battery size. The horizontal distance hereby is neglected. At a support of 50%, half of the work has to be done by oneself.
Please enter two of the first three values, the remaining value will be calculated. The mass is the driver's mass plus the mass of the bicycle. The energy needed is calculated as mass times height times gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/s²) times support divided by the efficiency factor.

Height difference:
Energy needed:
Support: %
Efficiency factor: %

Example: a person with 70 kg weight and a bike with 20 kg weight add up to 90 kg. With a 200 kWh battery, supporting for 50 percent, up to 1223 meters altitude difference can be mastered.

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