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Calculator for the revenue units of a photovoltaic power system, the power per surface area and the surface area per power. The power per surface area tells, which revenue can be expected for a certain size, the common unit is watt peak per square meter, Wp/m². The surface area per power is the required space for a certain power, this usually is given in square meters per kilowatt peak, m²/kWp. Depending on the dimension of the system, other units can be helpful. Some units have the same size, like Wp/m² and MWp/km².

Power per Surface Area   Surface Area per Power

Please enter one value, the other values will be calculated.

Wp = watt peak, the nominal power of solar cells. k = kilo = 1000, M = mega = million, G = giga = billion
m² = square meter, ha = hectare = 10000 m², km² = square kilometer = one million m²

Example: the power per surface area can be something between 30 and 150 Wp/m², depending on the kind of used photovoltaics modules. This corresponds to 33,33 and 6,67 m²/kWp.

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