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Photos Resolution and Ratio Conversion

A calculator for the size of photos made with a digital camera. Here can be calculated, how the number of pixels changes, when the image is scaled or when the ratio of width and height is changed. At a change of ratio, either a part of the photo is cut off or the image will get distorted.
• To change the resolution, enter the size of a photo in pixels and one of the other three values, to calculate the remaining two values.
• For a ratio change, choose if width or height should be kept and click on one of the ratios 4:3, 3:2, or 16:9.

Foto dimensions
Old resolution: x
New resolution: x
Scale: %

Example: a foto has a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels. If its new width should be 1200, then the height will be 800, the scale is 20%. Clicking New → Old will fill the upper row with the new resolution. If this image now should be converted to a 4:3-ratio with the same height, it has to be cut to 1067 x 800.

German: Fotografische Belichtung berechnen, Exif-Daten auslesen, Bildformat, Bildverhältnis, Bilddiagonale

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