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Calculator Global Warming by CO₂

Calculates approximately how much an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air increases the average global temperature. This is an estimate that ignores other greenhouse gases such as methane and other effects such as tipping points, so it only depicts a part of the problem. It therefore underestimates actual global warming and is only of limited value. The warming caused by greenhouse gases occurs because gas molecules, which consist of more than two atoms, absorb infrared radiation. This effect stores heat. A CO₂ molecule has three atoms.

The CO₂ content of the atmosphere is subject to natural fluctuations, but has been exponentially increasing since the beginning of industrialization. The reason is to a large extent the burning of fossil fuels, these are mineral oil, coal and natural gas.

The formula for the calculation is: ΔT= 1.66 * ln(C/C0)
ΔT is the temperature difference in degrees Celsius, ln is the natural logarithm, C is the proportion of carbon dioxide at the time of measurement , C0 is the original proportion of carbon dioxide. This formula has been published by Robert Ellis on

Past levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere

ppm means parts per million.

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA

Original CO₂ level (C0): ppm
Measured CO₂ level (C): ppm
Estimated temperature increase (ΔT):

Please enter both CO₂ levels to calculate the temperature change. This can be calculated in degrees Celsius or Kelvin (this is the same if there is a change) or in degrees Fahrenheit.

Example: In January 2022, 417 ppm CO₂ was measured. This corresponds to a temperature increase of 0.66 degrees Celsius or Kelvin just from the carbon dioxide. The actual warming is around 1.24 degrees, almost twice as high. 0.79 degrees are calculated for 450 ppm, but for this value the expected warming is 2 degrees, i.e. two and a half times the calculated value.

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