Convert Span of Time

A simple calculator that converts a given span of time to the common format of days, hours, minutes, seconds. 60 seconds become one minute, 60 minutes become one hour, 24 hours become one day. Please insert the time data into the first row.



Example 1: 10000 seconds are 2 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds.

Example 2: 30 hours and 200 minutes are one day, 9 hours and 20 minutes. Such information is rare, but can occur if you get time periods from two different sources.

The usual way of expressing time, as used in human communication, is with several units, i.e. days, hours, minutes and seconds, although the latter are often omitted. A single unit is better for calculation and comparison. It is easy to see that 140 hours is twice as long as 70 hours. However, it takes a bit of mental effort to determine that 5 days and 20 hours are twice as long as 2 days and 22 hours. On the other hand, people don't understand easily statements such as "we will meet in 70 hours".
Here you can convert a time in one unit into a time in several units. The opposite way, converting a usual time into the more suitable form with one unit, can be done with the calculator for the daytime as one unit.

Days, hours, minutes and seconds are unambiguous time expressions, which means they have a precisely defined length. Months and years do not have this. Months can be 28 to 31 days long, and years, depending on whether they are leap years or not, can be 366 or 365 days. That is why they are not included in this calculator. There is a separate calculator for months and years here.

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