Time-Ratio-Calculator - Rule of Three with Time Values

This tool calculates the rule of three for ratios with time. When e.g. a certain number of pieces is produced in a certain time span, here can be calculated, how long it takes for a different number or how many pieces are produced in a different time span. The unit of the amount can be anything (like pieces), it has to be the same unit for both amounts.

Amount 1:

Amount 2:

Please enter amount and time span at the top (1) and amount or time span at the bottom (2).

Examples: a marathon runner runs the 42.195 km (enter 42.195 at Amount 1) in 3 hours and 42 minutes (enter at time span 1). So, for 10 km (enter 10 at Amount 2), he needs 52 minutes and 37 seconds (time span 2 is calculated).
If amount is about distances, a speed can be calculated by entering 1 at hours, for kilometers, this will be km/h, in this example 11.4.

A punch press produces 17 (enter 17 at Amount 1) parts per minute (enter 1 at Minutes in time span 1). In this pace, in an 8-hour-shift (enter 8 at Hours in time span 2), 8160 parts (Amout 2 is calculated) are produced.

Earth on its way around the Sun makes 584000000 miles in 365.24 days. In three minutes, those are 3331 miles, in one hour 66623 miles, which gives the speed in mph.

The calculator first transfers the time span into seconds, so that the rule of three can be applied. The result is then, when required, transferred back into days, hours, minutes and seconds.

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