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Calculator for the ideal tilt angle of photovoltaic modules, dependant on the position latitude. This calculator is for a first and easy estimation, if e.g. a roof is eligible for a photovoltaic system. A more exact calculation can be made by a manufacturer. Even if the angle isn't ideal, often a good output can be achieved, whereas a too flat angle usually is better than a too steep angle. The calculation here for the ideal angle is from latitude * 0.9 - 25° to latitude * 0.9 + 5°.
The latitude can be found out e.g. with Google Maps. The input value is in decimal degrees, here you can convert degree formats. Two values will be calculated, the lower and the upper limit for the ideal angle. The module direction should ideally be south (on the southern hemisphere north), but also southeast or southwest allow a maximum of energy production. The more the direction differs from south, the flatter the modules should be. An angle of 0° means flat, an angle of 90° means vertical up.

Latitude: °

Ideal angle from ° to °

Example: Berlin is at 52.5° northern latitude. For a photovoltaic system facing south, a maximum of energy can be produced at an angle between 22.3° and 52.3° degrees.

Tilt of photovoltaic modules
Photovoltaic modules on a roof with a tilt angle of 32 degrees.

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