Solar Thermal Energy - Watts per Area

Calculator for the achievable power of a solar thermal system on a certain area. Solar thermal means the conversion of solar energy into usable heat, e.g. for tap water (in bathroom and kitchen), or for heating. The thermal output of a system can be calculated in watts.
For irradiance, 1000 is a good estimation for Central Europe in summer at noon, in winter, this value is about 600. Exact values can be taken from local solar maps. The efficiency factor of solar thermal systems is higher as for photovoltaic systems. Power per area is calculated from irradiance and efficiency factor. Please enter either this value or to two former values. Also, enter the area or nominal thermal power. The remaining value will be calculated.

Irradiance: W/m²
Efficiency factor: %
Power per area: W/m²
Nominal thermal power:

Example: at an irradiance of 1050 watts per square meter and a system size of 8.5 square meters, the nominal thermal power is almost 6 kilowatts.

Solar thermal collector

The picture above shows solar panels for solar thermal energy on the roof of a residential building. This is a very small facility. Such a system is inexpensive and saves energy when heating domestic water, for example for showering and for dishwashers and washing machines. It is too small to support heating; at least 15 square meters of collector area is recommended for this.

Put simply, solar thermal energy works by flowing water through black tubes called solar collectors. These heat up when the sun shines on them and pass the heat on to the water. The warm water can then be used in the bathroom and kitchen, or for heating. However, the disadvantage of heating is that it is mainly needed in winter, where the solar collectors can generate less heat.

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