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Calculator for the achievable power of a photovoltaic system on a certain area. Solar cells can generate 200 watts (watt-peak, Wp) per square meter. This is the status in 2024, the value has grown significantly in the last few years, in the year 2010 it was about 80 Wp/m². It will probably continue to grow steadily for a few more years. The practical value is a bit lower because the solar panels have a frame and a gap between them. Also, the available area often can't be filled completely, which is especially relevant for small areas. For this, see the calculator modules per area. Roof systems sometimes have areas that cannot or should not be used, such as skylights or chimneys. In free field plants however, the distance between the individual tables must be taken into account. These missing areas must be deducted from the available area before the calculation.
Here you can estimate quick and easy, which power can be placed theoretically on a completely filled area. The area loss refers to frame and gap, for this three percent is a good estimation. Area loss and two of the three other values have to be entered, the fourth value will be calculated. If the total power is calculated, the unit watt (W), kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW) will be selected automatically.

Filled area:
Power per area: W/m²
Area loss: %
Total power:

Example: on a roof with an area of 50 square meters, 45 can be covered with a photovoltaic system. The expected power is then about 8.7 kilowatts peak. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with an free field system with 8 hectares (8000 square meters) of covered area, then you can expect a little more than 1.5 megawatts peak.

Photovoltaic roof system with skylights
A photovoltaic roof system with two skylights.

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