Photovoltaics - Tables of a Free Field PV Power Plant

Calculator for the planning of tables of a solar park. This calculation provides an estimate for placing tables of the same size on a rectangular field as sensibly as possible. Of course, this is a simplification, in practice the surfaces are rarely rectangular, the tables can be of different sizes, there are slopes and shadows and other things. Therefore, this calculator can only be an aid on the way to comprehensive planning.
A table is a unit made up of several modules together. Several tables are set up parallel to each other at equal distances. Here it is assumed that a table has the length of the entire field.
The irradiation angle α indicates when the modules shade each other. If the sun is lower than this angle, shading occurs. The smaller the angle, the farther apart the modules are.
The theoretical table distance a is the distance calculated from the data, but this can leave gaps at the edges of the field. The practical table distance a', on the other hand, arranges the tables ideally so that the available width is completely filled. So the field starts with one table and ends with one, without spaces at the beginning and end.

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Field length L: meters
Field width B: meters
Module length LM: meters
Module width BM: meters
Module power PM: watts peak (Wp)
Lower edge of table TU: meters
Irradiation angle α: degrees
Table inclination β: degrees
Modules per table width nM:

Table width bT: metersnM*LM ∨ nM*BM
Table height hT: meterssin(β)*bT
Table cover aT: meterscos(β)*bT
Upper edge of table TO: metersTU+hT
Table distance theor. a: meterscot(α)*TO*(1-TU/TO)
Number of tables nT: ⌈B/(aT+a)⌉
Table distance pract. a': meters(B-(nT-aT))/(nT-1)
Modules per table n: ⌊L/BM⌋*nM ∨ ⌊L/LM⌋*nM
Modules in total N: n*nT
Total power P: N*PM

∨ means or, depending on the arrangement lengthwise or widthwise. ⌈...⌉ means round up, ⌊...⌋ means round down.
Sketch tables of a solar park

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