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Converter for the power of one and multiple photovoltaic modules and for the power per area. At the first calculator Module Power, the power of one and multiple modules can be extrapolated. Just enter the number of modules (20 is preset) and one nominal power, the other nominal power will be calculated. At Area, length and width of e.g. one photovoltaic module can be entered, to calculate the area, which can be output as Area 1 or Area 2. Area Power is calculated as power per area, here three values have to be entered to calculate the fourth value.

Module Power
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Area Power
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Example: if one module has a nominal power of 185 Wp, then a photovoltaic system of 32 modules has a nominal power of 5.92 kWp. At a length with a gap of 160 centimeters and a width with a gap of 83 centimeters, the required area of one module is 1.328 square meters. At 185 Wp per module, for a 10 kWp system, an area of almost 72 square meters is needed. This example uses values ​​from 2010. In 2024, modules of the same size have a nominal output of around 400 Wp, so the nominal output has more than doubled since then. This growth is expected to continue for a while.

Often only the nominal power and the length and width are specified for modules. In order to be able to compare modules of different sizes with each other, the performance for an area of ​​the same size is of course the relevant value. For this purpose you can determine the area performance for one square meter of a specific module. To do this, enter the length and width, press size to area 1, enter the module power for power 1 and enter 1 for area 2. For performance 2, the performance per square meter is then calculated. Proceed in the same way with the other module that you want to compare with the first. Also see power density.

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