Photovoltaic - Degradation (Loss of Power) Calculator

Calculation of the degradation, the decrease in the performance of photovoltaic systems over a period of time. Technical systems deteriorate over time, and solar is no exception. However, since there are no moving parts involved in photovoltaics, this process of deterioration is quite slow.
Degradation describes how much of the original performance a system loses over time. For crystalline solar systems, a 0.5 percent drop per year, based on the output power, is usually estimated. So the power loss is linear. The values can vary depending on the manufacturer, some even give only 0.25 percent. The lower the value, the better. An initial degradation, i.e. a noticeable drop in performance in the first hours of operation, is not taken into account here, this should be included by the manufacturer in the original performance specification.
Please enter the time to calculate degradation and remaining power in percent. The nominal power can be specified to determine loss and power in watts peak (or kilowatts peak).

Time: years
Nominal power: Wp, kWp
Degradation per year: %

Loss: %
Loss: Wp, kWp
Remaining power: %
Remaining power: Wp, kWp

Example: a 17-year-old photovoltaic system still has around 91.5 percent of its rated output with 0.5 percent degradation. If the nominal power was 12 kWp, then almost 11 kWp remain.

Degradation is one of the points where the quality of the modules used is best demonstrated. High-quality modules have low degradation and therefore produce good yields for longer.
Brand new photovoltaic modules have a higher efficiency than stated, up to 25 percent, which returns to the stated value in the first approximately 1000 hours of operation. This is normal and is caused by changes in the structure of lithium, the so-called Staebler-Wronski effect. This is the initial degradation mentioned above.

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