Photovoltaics - Size of a Free Field PV Power Plant MWp/ha

Calculator for the estimation of the power a ground mounted photovoltaics power plant generates per hectare. Often, the size of free field power plants is given in hectares. In 2018, the nominal power of an average free field plant was 0.9 megawatts peak per hectare, older facilities have lower values. Other than small roof mounted systems, ground mounted systems are only installed on highly appropriates sites, so here a higher yield factor can be estimated. 1100 is a very good value for Central Europe. One resident of this area consumes about 1500 kilowatt hours of energy per year, whereas the individual differences here are very high.
Please enter two of the first three values, the third value, the produced energy per year and the number of supplied residents will be calculated.

Size of the Free Field PV Power Plant:
Megawatts per hectare: MWp/ha
Nominal power: p

Yield factor:
Energy per year:

Power requirement per resident: kWh
Supplied residents:

Example [before entering the values, press Clear values]: Solarpark Neuhardenberg, which went on line in 2013, has a size of 240 hectares and a nominal power of 145 megawatts peak. So here the ratio is 0.6 MWp/ha. The park is located in northern Germany, so its yield factor is 965. It produces per year 140 gigawatt hours of energy, this is enough for about one hundred thousand people.

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