Example for a Balcony Solar Power Plant

A small photovoltaic power plant next to the balcony on the roof. Usually, the solar panels in balcony power plants are attached to the railing. Here's another method you can use to generate electricity with a little roof space next to the balcony.
The legal upper limit for balcony power plants in Germany is 600 watts of power (as of 2022), other countries may have different rules. However, the decisive factor is not the peak power of the modules (here 385 Wp), but the output power of the inverters (here 300 Wp). Therefore, two modules could have been mounted, but the location here does not justify a larger system. Such is on the other side of the roof: system 1.
This photovoltaic system is used for demonstration purposes and as a suggestion for unusual systems. In addition, with its west-north-west orientation, it supplements the system on the east side in order to have clean, self-generated electricity in the evening hours.

Balcony solar power plant

Experimental balcony power plant installed on 09/23/2022. One Meyer Burger White 385 Wp module, AEconversion inverter, output power 300 watts, professional installation by Sonnen-Energie Allgäu, compliant with the grid operator's requirements. If you have the appropriate technical skills, you can also do the installation yourself.
The module is connected to a socket on the balcony. A WIFI switch is connected upstream, which makes it possible to monitor and document the power generation via a website or app. It may be useful to prioritize the switch's Internet connection in the router settings. The yield data are available starting October 2022: system 2.
No money is paid for the electricity generated by this plant. Instead, the electricity is consumed directly and accordingly less has to be purchased and paid for. If the system generates more electricity than is currently being consumed in the house, this would be a gift to the electricity supplier. With two refrigerators and one freezer in this house that run constantly, plus many other devices that consume electricity, this is rather unlikely.
The necessary exchange of meters to a bidirectional meter from the grid operator was free of charge, as it is a balcony power plant. Whether this is the case with your operator provider should be checked for in each case.

Balcony solar power plant in winter

The balcony solar power plant in winter. For removing the snow, for example a mop or something similar is suitable, but nothing hard that can make scratches, or can damage any coating. Please don't apply strong pressure. On a cloudy January day, the panel has an output of around 20 to 30 watts and a daily yield of about 150 to 250 watt hours.

The highest value with which this system generates electricity is about 310 watts, although the inverter actually only has an output power of 300 watts and although the sun never shines vertically on this module. Such values can be reached in sunshine and temperatures below about 15 degrees Celsius even if the sun is shining rather aslant, for example in April.

As an example, here are the yields on three different days in late summer 2023. Graphics from the WIFI switch from myStrom.

Yield balcony power plant sunny day

September 4th: a consistently sunny day. The blue area was added later and indicates how high the yield would be if the module were not shaded by the chimney above it in the morning. The steep drop in the evening indicates the sunset.

Yield balcony power plant changeable day

August 31st: a changeable day with lots of clouds, but not thick ones, on which the sun came through every now and then. The shading doesn't have as much of an effect when there are clouds.

Yield balcony power plant rainy day

August 29th: a cloudy, rainy day. The yield is only about one third of that of a sunny day, but the shading has little effect.

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