Photovoltaics - Modules and Cells

Calculator for the total power, the power of the modules and of the solar cells in the modules. A photovoltaic system has several modules and a module has several solar cells. Here the individual power values can be extrapolated. Each number of modules and cells must be an integer, if the calculator computes a fraction, then one of the input values is wrong. Please enter two matching values, like the power per module and the number of cells in a module to get the power per solar cell.

Power per solar cell: Wp
Number of solar cells per module:
Power per module: Wp
Number of modules:
Total power:
Total number of solar cells:

Example: a photovoltaic system with 5.92 kWp (kilowatt-peak) power has 32 modules. So one module has 185 Wp (watt-peak). If 60 solar cells are installed per module, then one solar cell has almost 3.1 Wp. The whole system has 1920 solar cells.

Solar cell
A single half solar cell, surrounded by other half cells.

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