Chances of Renewable Energy

Renewable energies will completely displace fossil fuels in the next few years. Not just because they're better for the environment, but because they're better in every way. And everyone can participate and benefit from it.

These energies are called renewable because they are obtained from resources that regenerate themselves, such as wind and water. Solar energy is also included, because the sun shines on us anyway every day.
It is precisely the sun whose size far surpasses anything on earth, with more than 300,000 times the mass of our home planet. The sun supplies Earth with three thousand times the amount of energy that humanity currently needs.
The energy from the sun can be converted into electricity using photovoltaics. Just a few years ago, this was very expensive and highly subsidized. By now, this electricity can easily keep up with other types of electricity in terms of price. And photovoltaic technology is far from being maxed out, so there is little doubt that the prices for green electricity will continue to fall for some time to come.

Coal and oil, on the other hand, are only available in very small quantities. Even if new deposits are always being found, they tend to be more and more difficult and therefore expensive to exploit. In addition, the technology for burning these raw materials is very old, so that hardly any serious improvements are to be expected, that could make them more lucrative in terms of price.
Furthermore, word is spreading that man-made climate change is not an illusion but a serious threat, driving opposition to these forms of energy.
And finally, sun and wind do not have to be imported from other countries, but are sufficiently available in most parts of the world, giving independence.

In principle, we have now two technologies that currently produce electricity at similar costs. One technology has almost infinite resources, is getting better and better and hardly harms the planet. The other technology has rapidly dwindling resources, is exhausted and is destroying our livelihoods. So which of the two should and will prevail?

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Article from January 2023

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