Calculate Ratio of Length, Area and Volume

Calculator for the ratio of lengths, surface areas and volumes, when two lengths of bodies with a different size, but the same shape are given. Only geometric bodies will have exactly the same shape. But e.g. garments, rooms and creatures can have a similar shape at different sizes. Measure one length at a body and the according length at a similar body. From both values, the ratio of lengths, areas and volumes can be calculated. For the area, the ratio is squared, for the volume, it is cubed.

First length:
Second length:
Length ratio:
Area ratio:
Volume ratio:

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter both lengths, the ratios will be calculated.

Ratios lengths, areas, volumes

If for bodies with the same shape one magnitude changes, all other magnitudes will change. For multidimensional magnitudes, the change is larger.

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